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Joint Replacement: What Everyone Needs to Know

Joint Replacement: Joint Replacement Surgery for Knees, Shoulders & Hips

What is custom knee replacement?

Minimally Invasive Hip Replacement Surgery

Introduction To Clinician

  • What can a patient expect and do to prepare for their first appointment
  • What would you like patients to know about your practice setting and philosophy
  • What types of patients seek your expertise
  • What types of insurance do you accept
  • What are your name, title, educational background and areas of expertise
  • Thank you for choosing me for your orthopedic care

ConforMIS Custom Knee Implant My Perspective

  • Rotational Alignment
  • Patient Recovery Time
  • Patient Satisfaction
  • Maintaining The Joint Line
  • Balancing Soft Tissue

Hear From My Patient Irene Passani

  • ConforMIS IUni Recipient
  • 5 Years After Surgery

Off The Shelf vs Customized Knee Replacement

  • What is the difference between customized implants and off the shelf robotics
  • Who is a candidate and who is not a candidate for an outpatient surgery
  • What is an iView Plan advantages for surgery
  • How are customized knees made and why does it take 6 weeks
  • Who is a candidate and who is not a candidate for a customized knee replacement
  • Why is a CT scan needed and what does it allow you to see
  • What are the differences in patient satisfaction with a customized knee replacement vs off the shel
  • How does recovery differ with a customized knee replacement outpatient vs inpatient surgery
  • How do I find out more about customized knee replacement
  • Why is a CT scan needed of the lower extremity
  • Why do you choose customized knee replacements for your patients

Causes & Diagnosis of Knee Pain

  • What are the differences between an x ray, MRI, and a CT scan
  • What are some of the most common causes of knee pain and what tools are used to make a diagnosis
  • When should someone seek medical treatment for knee pain
  • What is rheumatoid inflammatory arthritis
  • What is post traumatic arthritis
  • What is osteonecrosis
  • What is osteoarthritis degenerative joint disease
  • What is a meniscal tear
  • What is a CT arthrogram
  • What is a baker’s cyst or popliteal cyst
  • What happens during a physical exam and what type of medical history do you need

Treating Knee Pain Surgery

  • What is a knee osteotomy
  • What is arthroscopic surgery
  • What is a partial unicompartmental knee replacement
  • What is a total knee replacement

Treating Knee Pain Lifestyle

  • What exercises are good and not good if I have knee pain
  • Is there a role for nutritional supplements to treat my knee pain glucosamineChondroitan, turmericcu
  • Does weight effect knee pain and should I exercise to help
  • Does my diet affect my knee pain and what kind of nutrition plan should I have
  • Does physical therapy help with knee pain
  • What are lifestyle changes than can help with knee pain

Treating Knee Pain Injections

  • How does hyaluronic acid injection work
  • How do stem cell injections work
  • How does a cortisone injection work
  • What types of injections are given to help with knee pain
  • How does platelet rich plasma injection work

Treating Knee Pain Medications

  • What are common side effects and risks associated with over the counter medications
  • Is it helpful to aspiratedrain the knee if swollen
  • What medications are available to treat rheumatoid arthritis and other arthritic conditions
  • What is difference between NSAIDS and narcotics
  • Do topical creamsgelspatches help with knee pain
  • What over the counter medicines are available to treat knee pain
  • How do these over the counter medications work
  • Who should not use acetaminophen or over the counter medications

Treating Knee Pain Braces

  • What kind of knee supports and braces are available and how should I use them
  • When should I consider surgery

Preparing For Knee Replacement Surgery

  • What items do I need to purchaseobtain to help with recovery
  • What type of assistance will I need after surgery and for how long
  • What can I do to get my home ready post surgery living areas, shower, etc…
  • What preoperative testing is required
  • What medications should I stop and when prior to surgery
  • Will I need a disabled parking permit and how will I obtain it
  • Will I need to donate blood
  • What can I do before surgery to improve chance of a great outcome
  • Should I see my dentist prior to surgery
  • How to decide between going home vs inpatient rehabilitation
  • Do I need to see my primary care doctor and other
  • How does weight loss, exercise andor physical therapy play a role before surgery
  • If I smoke or use tobacco products, why should I stop prior to surgery

One Week Before Surgery

  • What if my urine analysisurine culture is positive
  • What if my preop MRSAMSSA test is positive
  • How do I know when to come to the hospital
  • Why do I need to shower with antimicrobial soap
  • What medications should I stop and when

Night Before Surgery

  • Is there anything else I need to know the night before surgery
  • When do I need to stop eating or drinking

Day Of Surgery

  • How long after I arrive at the hospital will surgery begin
  • How is blood loss prevented in the operating room
  • What should I expect in the operating room
  • What is done to prevent pain
  • Where should I check in at the hospital
  • What happens the morning of surgery in the preop area
  • Will I meet with the anesthesiologist and what type of anesthesia is utilized
  • How long does the surgery take and what happens afterwards
  • What should I wear to the hospital
  • What should I bring and what shouldn’t I bring to the hospital
  • What is done to prevent infection on the day of surgery
  • Can I take my medicines and brush my teeth the morning of surgery

Immediately After Surgery

  • Is it normal for blood pressure to be low
  • When does physical therapy start and what are the PT goals
  • What is cold therapyice machine
  • What is an incentive spirometer
  • What will I feel like after surgery nauseated, disorientated, etc…
  • How long will I be in the hospital outpatient vs inpatient surgery
  • How will my pain be controlled
  • What are sequential compression devices
  • When will I be discharged and what is the process
  • What is the equipment I need to be familiar with walker, cane, crutches, braces
  • How long will I be in the recovery room, what can I expect, and where am I taken after
  • What medications will I be discharged with
  • How are blood clots prevented

After Discharge

  • What exercise should I be doing
  • What is a late infection and how do I prevent it
  • What warning signs should make me call the doctor and how do I contact himher if I’m concerned
  • Will I need to go to outpatient therapy
  • Will I need antibiotics before dental work andor other medical procedures
  • When can I resume normal non strenuous activities as well as golftennisother activities
  • When will the swelling go down and when should I be concerned if I still have swelling
  • How do I control my pain at home
  • Should I continue to exercise after therapy is over
  • What can I expect 3 months after surgery
  • When can I drive and go back to work
  • How do I care for my incision
  • When can I expect a full recovery
  • Will I have physical therapy at home and for how long
  • What can I expect 6 weeks after surgery
  • What can I do to prevent blood clots at home and what are the warning signs
  • What can I expect two weeks after surgery
  • When can I expect the pain to go away and when should I be concerned
  • What do I need to know to take care of my new knee in the long term
  • How long will I need walking aids walker, crutches, cane
  • What can I do to prevent infection at home and what are the warning signs
  • What can I expect 1 year after surgery
  • Do I need follow up appointments with the doctor and when