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Aftermath of surgery equally daunting; thanks to those who helped

The surgical ordeal has been over for a while and now in this new year of 2020 it is time to tell you how the hip replacement surgery and follow-up went.

The hip is replaced and I did not flat-line, thank the Lord! When the surgeon whizzed by my recovery, he indicated that everything went beautifully - easy for him to say! And I thought, what would the next weeks be like since my thigh was swollen and sore?

His first instruction was, “Let’s see you walk,” which I passed beautifully. A look at the incision made him equally glad. To my questions about when I could walk my dog and bend down to pick up her BM’s and when I could drive, he answered, “Now!”

What a shock and relief to be given my freedom back! “To God be the glory; great things He has done!” And, of course, praise for Dr. Barry Waldman!

Source: The Baltimore Sun

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