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Thank you for giving me my life back. You operated on my hip last August 17, and I am doing fantastic! The muscle pain is all but gone and I'm feeling 20 years younger already! No limping! No pain! No more loss of motion! No lying awake at night crying with pain in the groin! You did an absolutely awesome job of replacing my hip. How can I say thank you--it seems so inadequate for all you did for me. I (along with my husband) sing your praises every day to anyone I see limping. I can't help myself. I even go up to strangers I see limping and give my testimony of how YOU gave me my life back. I met a woman working in a shoe store a couple weeks ago limping around--started talking with her--gave her your web site, etc. I am proud to be able to recommend you to anyone. There's a lady who started visiting our church who is limping around, has an appointment with a local doctor here in Elkton--a doctor who cannot do minimally invasive hip replacement--in fact he actually tells his patients they are not a candidate for the minimally invasive procedure rather than telling them he cannot do it. I initially went to him and when his office told me that I would need hip replacement within five years, I started my research on the internet and I thank God every day that I found you. I researched long and hard but no doctor sounded as good to me as you and I can honestly say I'm so so glad I did it. Hip replacement sounded so scary and so invasive, but that "minimally invasive" caught my attention, and after much research I knew I did not have to wait five years, that everything -- all the technology and surgical expertise I was waiting for was now available thanks to you. There is another lady in our church who keeps telling me she wishes she knew I had been doing research on hip replacement. Her 53 year old mother had it done six months prior to my surgery, has a long scar and she is still limping pretty bad--one leg shorter than the other now--still occasionally walks with her cane. Every time she sees me--in high heels now--with no limp--she becomes teary eyed--just wishing her mom had had a doctor of your capability and skill. I realize that this is not an easy procedure for a physician to do, but thank you for learning it; for staying ahead of your field of expertise and giving people like me a second chance. Another five years, and I believe I would have been in a wheel chair. I am almost 62 years old, but thanks to you, I feel 40 again: I am exercising on the treadmill, elliptical, bicycling, swimming--no running though--things I could not do prior to my hip replacement surgery. I was beginning to feel 80 years old prior to my surgery. It feels good to do the grocery shopping again (my husband did it the last two years); to mall shop, to travel once again--just returned from Naples--Marco Island--something I would have been afraid to do before--too much walking. Thanks to you, I walked every morning on the beach in Marco Island, worked out in the hotel gym every morning--did things I could not do prior to your replacing my hip. The first few weeks following the surgery were no picnic--that's for sure; but I'm so so happy I did it. If my right hip were to get arthritis, I'd have it done tomorrow--as long as you were my doctor! I certainly do not mean to bore you with all of this, but I'm so thankful and I'm so appreciative to you that I become overzealous and my husband also is so grateful and thrilled with the change in me that he's as bad as I am when we sees someone limping. We talk to people in restaurants, stores, malls, doctors' offices, whatever--there's no reason for people to be in pain today when there are doctors like you who have given their lives studying and learning all the new technologies--to give people like me our lives back. I thought my life was over as I once knew it! Thanks for coming up with that "magnum ball" thing. My range of motion is great--much better than my other leg. A local pastor in our area has dislocated his hip three times playing golf. I am blessed; so very blessed that God allowed me to find a doctor of your caliber, of your intelligence and skill, and your kindness and help. A million times over, I thank you, Dr. Waldman. Oh, by the way, I got really excited the other day when I saw your ad on TV. It was great. I wish I could tell the world! Thank You! Thank You! I will see you in August for my one year check up. Thank you for saving so many lives every day. Thank you for saving mine!
- ED

Please pass this note and picture along to Dr Waldman.
Not only was I able to go back to work last month, my wife and I were able to do some skiing. The picture is of me in Breckinridge, CO just three days short of six months following my double TKR. The knees felt great. I really appreciate what everyone in your office, as well as the in-patient and out-patient therapists, have done for me during and after the surgery. I referred my brother S there as he has been having a lot of hip pain. He said he has an appointment this coming Friday, so please take good care of him.
- RC
review from RC
This picture was the Chanukkah Hot Chocolate 5k 12/18/16, The Baltimore Running Festival in Baltimore City 2016 and the last one The Father's Day 5k at GBMC I was running the last 200 meters towards the finish line on two new knees!
review from LDS
Dr. Barry-attached are pics of my latest activity . Skiing at 7 Springs--21 weeks post op. Thanks for giving my life back with the new knee!
- MM
review from MM

I have just spent 36 hours at Sinai Hospital for a hip replacement (I'll be back next week to have the other replaced). I did not want a moment to go by without offering my appreciation to all the staff I met while I was in hospital. Everyone from the staff at the registration desk, to the transportation people, to each and every tech, and especially the the NRs were highly professional, talented, skilled, in every way supportive and friendly. Also mention must be made about my brilliant surgeon Dr Wildman. I want to thank you also because an excellent staff does not happen by accident. Good job to everyone.

I understand that you had called to see if I would be willing to speak of my bilateral knee replacement experience with the Conformis implants. I’ve been doing so even before surgery with most anyone I meet. When I missed the call to my cell phone this afternoon, I was speaking to someone wearing a knee brace at the Battery Warehouse in Pasadena, giving your name and my Conformis story. Six weeks post surgery I was in kilt at a formal dinner of the St. Andrew’s Society of Baltimore at the Maryland Club in honor of Robert Burns. Steve Grant, PT was there as well to enjoy the evening with his friends, but he also kept me from sitting too long or standing too much. (You have to love it when doctors and therapists take a personal interest in their patients. I appreciated the implants so much that I bought stock in Conformis after they went public. Thank you again for all you have done for my knees.

I wanted to take a minute at the holidays and say thank you for your excellent work with my knee this summer. I am still not 100% but getting better every day. I imagine you see many people that are skeptical about getting a knee replacement. As you know I am only 49 which is rather young to have this done. Regardless, I made the decision that if I did not do it I would not be capable to exercise and my health would deteriorate. So I chose to move forward. My surgery was August 13th, 2013. Last weekend December 14th, 2013 I ran the Celtic Soltice 5 mile race in Baltimore only 4 months after having my knee replaced. I have run this race before and this was not my fastest race. However, I ran it without knee pain only 4 months after having knee replacement. I hope you share this letter with others that are having the difficult time to decide what to do about their knee pain. Replacement knee surgery is difficult during the recovery process but once you are on the mend your life can return to better than normal.
- TL

I wanted to thank Dr. Waldman again for my hip replacement surgery. Six weeks ago this morning I had the surgery and I played 18 holes of golf today. Just one complaint, the surgery did not improve my game. Do you think if he added a half-inch to the right leg that it would cure my slice
- DM

My left hip is amazing! I have regular motion back and can do things I haven't even tried in years! I have zero pain except for the nerve issues in my back. The right is quickly deteriorating. While I am excited to be able to tie my shoes and sit cross-legged with the left, the right no longer allows either of those, and in PT I am working on being able to balance on it but it is nearly impossible. The pain is sporadic, but I am definitely limited. I plan to come see you over my spring break and then schedule the right hip, life permitting, for the week after school lets out in early June. I am dreading the recovery process, but I do not want to cause any additional nerve damage in my back and I don't see waiting through pain for something that is clearly becoming inevitable. I am actually kind of excited at the prospect of what I might be able to do if I had both hips functioning again. Thank you for giving me hope and for curing the debilitating pain I had lived with for so long. Happy New Year, I'll see you in the spring!
- AD

Not a great picture…but still pain free and back in the saddle! Feeling great and continuing gym and pool work weekly. Thanks again for everything.
- RC

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