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Custom Shoulder Replacement Tailored to Each Patient

Not All Shoulder Are Created Equal

Custom Shoulder REplacement

Dr. Waldman has been caring for shoulder issues for over twenty years. He he has worked with thousands of shoulder patients. If you're looking for one of the leading shoulder arthritis experts in Maryland, and in the United States, contact Dr. Waldman.

While shoulders wear out much less commonly than hips or knees, shoulder arthritis and other joint problems can prove to be severely limiting conditions. Patients often have pronounced pain and difficulty with daily activities such as putting on clothes, using utensils and combing their hair. Shoulder replacement can be very effective in eliminating pain and restoring function. Like the hip and knee, the shoulder joint may become arthritic and painful as people age. Associated conditions such as rheumatoid arthritis or rotator cuff tears, may speed the process of joint problems.

Shoulder REplacement vs. REsurfacing

Shoulder resurfacing is a good option for younger patients. Resurfacing uses a metal surface that takes the place of damaged cartilage. There is very little bone removed, and it prevents the need for inserting a large rod into the patient's arm bone (humerus), thus creating a more natural humeral head. 

Resurfacing uses an innovative, uncemented metal surface that takes the place of the damaged cartilage. There is very little bone removed, and the patient’s anatomy can be restored without using a large stem that needs to be placed in the humerus, or arm bone. The surgery is typically very localized so recovery time is short and the prognosis is very good. With shoulder resurfacing most patients regain their full range of motion and the pain goes away.

For more information on shoulder resurfacing, please call or email me. I see patients from the Baltimore area, throughout the USA, Canada and from around the world.


“Customizing the shoulder implant to the patients age and arthritis helps to preserve the joint and put off further surgery” Dr. Barry J Waldman