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Revision Hip Replacement


Sometimes total joint replacements fail due to a variety of reasons. Wearing out of the bearing surface, loosening from the bone and infections are the most common reasons. Luckily, only about 7% of all total joint replacements ever need a second operation.

Nevertheless, revision surgery requires special expertise and techniques. Dr. Waldman has performed hundreds of revision operations for both failed hip and knee replacements. We always advocate a conservative approach, preserving any parts that are not damaged and can be retained. By having access to an extensive inventory of products, we can often repair a prosthesies that is even decades old.

When parts are loose or need to be removed, the Rubin Institute has access to the most advanced instruments to remove the old parts and preserve bone and muscle that is needed for a full recovery. Synthetic bone graft is available to replace areas of bone that have been damaged to recreate much of the original anatomy.

Dr. Waldman has been involved with introducing new revision techniques from around the world, including the Lima Orthopaedics revision femoral stem. This modern hip replacement uses specialized titanium to adhere to bone that has rejected previous implants. He also has extensive experience with both uncemented and cemented revision knee replacement to repair even the most damaged knee joints.

Through careful planning and cutting edge technology, we can often restore joints to an excellent function outcome, sometimes with implants more durable than the original joint replacement.

Metal on Metal Revisions: Unfortunately, there have been a few hip implants with a high failure rate that have been recalled recently. The DePuy ASR is the most well known hip to be recalled, but there have been a small number of other implants that have resulted in a high failure rate.

Dr. Waldman has a great deal of experience with evaluating and revising these implants. He is happy to evaluate patients that are having difficulty with an implant for whatever reason, whether made by DePuy or another manufacturer.