Barry J. Waldman, MD FAAOS
Customized Hip and Knee Replacement
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Correction with Custom Knee Replacement

One of the best features of custom knee replacement is the ability to reliably correct deformity. By scanning the hip, knee and ankle, preoperatively, we can almost always get perfect alignment. Here is one of my patients who had knee replacements on both sides, before and 4 weeks after his surgery.  This kind of result is now possible for almost any knee, no matter how bad the deformity.

Barry J. Waldman, MD
Custom Hip Replacement

I've been privileged to help with the validation of a new hip replacement that I think will help further this already very successful operation.  After lots of hard work, we can now offer a truly custom hip replacement.  A CT scan is used to make a unique hip replacement that replicates the patient's natural anatomy as closely as possible.  Made by Conformis, which also makes our very successful custom knee replacements, there is no other hip that reaches this level of customization.  If you are interested in discussing custom total hip replacement, feel free to make an appointment any time!

Barry J. Waldman, MD