Barry J. Waldman, MD FAAOS
Customized Hip and Knee Replacement

Total Knee

Custom Total Knee Replacement Unique to Each Patient

Individualized Implants. Proven Results

Custom Knee REplacement

The only truly custom-made total knee replacement implants

Unlike typical off-the-shelf knee replacement surgeries (where the surgeon selects an implant from a limited range of sizes), Conformis utilizes your individual CT scan data to manufacture a knee replacement implant designed just for you. Here are some key differences to better understand why this is important.

• Individualized, patient-specific knee implant fit: Conformis implants are designed based on your anatomy. Off-the-shelf knee implants are designed based on a set of pre-determined measurements, and the “closest fit” is selected at the time of surgery.

Maintenance of the natural joint line: did you know you have two joint lines in each knee? One is on the medial side, the other is on the lateral side, and they can be different heights. Conformis is the only technology that maintains both joint lines through the use of individual polyethelene inserts rather than a single piece used in off-the-shelf implants.

• Designed for optimal bone preservation: Preserving as much of the patient’s natural knee as possible is important and the unique design of the Conformis implant allows for optimal bone preservation. The implants are patient-specific and have been shown to be thinner than off-the-shelf implants, without sacrificing strength. A thinner implant allows for less bone and healthy tissue removal.


“The custom knee technology has advanced to allow us to address almost every type of knee. Teh worse the deformity, the better the knee works for us and our patients,” Dr. Barry J Waldman